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Wadhurst Ghost Stories

Could there really be a gargantuan snake, sleeping the sleep of the ages, somewhere beneath a hillock, just outside Wadhurst? And are there other, equally strange, beings ‘living’ (if we can really use that term) beneath the same earth? Was there once a spectacular magical ‘obelisk’ sited in a local field?


And, while we’re on the subject, who, or what, is ‘The Oilman’? Where did Dr Jenkinson’s mysterious machine come from? Who was Simon Francis Geffers? Did such a person ever really exist? And how can anyone possibly explain that ‘forty-foot wide spectre with teeth’ we still keep hearing about?


These questions - and others of a similar nature - are not entirely answered in this collection of seven long-ish ghost stories, covering more than a century in the village’s history.

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302 pages  £20
ISBN: 978-1-913851-24-8


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